Hi guys ! some new stuff added in the distro section release from turgid animal, underground pollution and quagga curious.

08 / 04 / 11

Hey ! we have two new release out now :
WELLDONE DUMBOYZ album on tape, artwork by the band himself. A must have. No doubt one of the best french trio. Available in the store

TORTURING NURSE / EARTH INCUBATOR 7"inch vinyl !!!! finally the first vinyl on fragments, coprod with underground pollution, filth is my life rec, anarchofreakproduction and NHDIYSTREC. Available in the store

13 / 03 / 11

Hi everyone ! The C-40 split tape between ODALANUS ( france ) and FECALOVE ( italiy ) is out , you can purchase it our store section.
it's a massive and strong release of pure harsh noize.

27 / 12 / 10

hellooooooooo ! ho ho ho !.
happy hollidays to everyone
We have good news, we have all bands for the compilation already so the 16 bands are :
VOMIR // harsh noize wall godfather // France
TAMAGAWA // drone one man band // France
BˇTONG // ambient, drone // Switzerland
LORD GONZO // Harsh noise perversity // France
ECOUTE LA MERDE // Harsh noise godfather // France
EL REDROP ROCK // musique de chambre pour jeune adolescent // France
SANAIR // musique de salon // France
FUKTE // Harsh noize + wall // Italy
A // harsh noize + wall // France
EL FELIPE // improvisation basse poŽsie lyrique // France
J.L. COSTES // chanson franŤaise // France
ULTRASHITINFERNO // drone, noize // Uk
URO BEN // improvisation // France
FECALOVE // harsh noize mobster// Italy
THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT // black drone doom // France
HORS SUJET // ambient drone post rock // France

One and only one copy of the box contain all the tape, it will be available here near March/April
All tapes will be available separately.
All will be available for Download

here is some vidŽo of the LORD GONZO, ECOUTE LA MERDE, SANAIR tour in september.

025 - Ecoute La Merde - Sanair from christophe bernard on Vimeo.

027- Ecoute La Merde + Lord Gonzo + Sanair from christophe bernard on Vimeo.

Here a new release available on the netlabel of SNOWY TENSION POLE:
sanair - archaic memories

09 / 12 / 10
hi everyone !
you're more and more to come visit this website so i have to make some update
we are now 3 persons running fragments, GEP is a new members in this adventure so you can be in contact with him :
we are working on a big compilation with 16 bands on 8 tapes all in a 8way tape case. the tape case will be available only for 1 copy, but the tape will be available seperatly. So for the moment VOMIR / LORD GONZO / ECOUTE LA MERDE / EL RED DROP / FUKTE / FECALOVE / BTONG / A / SANAIR and HORS SUJET are on the list we need 6 bands more, drop us a line.
take care guys

22 / 10 / 10
ZEBRA Mu // looming urban decay // C-10 is OUT !
SANAIR // postcard // only available at shows.
08 / 04/ 10
hi guys !
here is some news :
FRAG09 - MEILSNAAR - quiet melodies in infinite holes - OUT NOW.
Members of Ecoute la merde / Xaros / Sanair join forces to created a mixture of Harshnoize / drone / ambient. This is the first ep finally out. limited to 25 get your copie in store section

27 / 02 / 10
Some of you are sad because we almost never update the website. so here we are trying to write something about our work... Since the 20th of february the most awesome and revolutionary album from WELLDONEDUMBOYZ is out. 30 minutes of amaizing and powerfull but personnal mixture of NOIZE ROCK / SURF / BLUES and more !!!. we are very proud to tell you that fragments will release the new cd of kawabata makoto - do you know i'm you from an other world. more details soon as possible. i hope you're not sad anymore. Ben

24 / 11 / 09
PRE ORDER and MP3 from the welldone dumboyz album is now available via the store section
EVERY PRE ORDER receive a free live tape from the dumboyz !!!

14 / 10 / 09

sludge / doom act from besancon ( fr ) featuring ex members from local "grind legend" HCF. one word heavyness

SANAIR - travel 1 - frag005
new 3"cdc-r from sanair, music from travel in icelande,scotland and spain
limited edition

noize / rock act from france deliver an awesome debut album, an essential path to the land of craziness.
It will be a limited edition hand-made, wrapped in a fabric boxe and painter Patrick Jannin realized a terrifying poster. all we be reveal soon.

SANAIR - travel 1,33333 - frag007 AVAILABLE
new tape from sanair, music from video " KYOTO " by LUDOVIC SAUVAGE.
limited edition

double split 3"cd-r from local neighbors. ekunhaashaastaack ( first 3"cd-r ) comes with a 20 minute ambient dronesque distortionless song. really amaizing stuf
sanair ( second 3"cd-r ) comes with a very different style from previous sanair release. he try to explore new path, new method and new vision of what he did before. you'll be surprise !!!
limited edition